Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Using clips and the spray bottle

I use a lot of those little 2" clips, particularly at the corners for holding the weaving in place when turning the corners.

They come in handy as well, when weaving up the inside wall, at the corners also.

The spray bottle comes in handy as well, if you set it inside the basket to shape the bottom.

Clip and weave the inside wall, make sure your weavers are all touching each other, this can be an endless task of pushing the weavers up against one another, then put a clip at each corner, spray the basket really well and set the spray bottle on the inside and let it dry over night. This will help to form your basket. Make sure the spray bottle is full of water, this adds weight to help form that bottom.

I have found putting the clips at the corners to *hold* them in place really is helpful and won't allow the sides of the basket to expand out from the weight of the unwoven weavers sticking up or sliding down to the outside.

Letting the basket dry over night gives you a rest and helps to *set* the weaving in place.

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